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Hunting Review - Carlos Davila - September 2018

“We had a first class safari with  Re A Lora!

 Wonderful Lodge, Superb PH team , Excellent equipment, Nice hunting concessions , Awesome trophies and all blended with the charm, the quality , the commitment and the friendship of everybody.

We are seeing forward to return with you."

Hunting Review - Ulrich Schuler - July 2018

From the start to the end, we were treated like royalty.

The lodge is beautiful, the food is AMAZING, and the staff incredibly accommodating.

Mynhardt and Theuns is so knowledgeable about African wildlife, as PHs they are off the charts and Blessing the Chef is just awesome.

Mynhardt and Theuns as PHs is thorough, professional, patient, and very accomplished.

Hunting Review - Charles & John Hartford - July 2018

The Experience at Re a Lora is just that: an experience of a lifetime!

With the incredible beauty of the land comes exceptional hunting, unmatched hospitality, gourmet dining, and memories for a lifetime.

The warmth and the friendliness of the staff made our father son adventure one we will never forget, and one that now has us longing for the next! 

As global travelers of many years, we can attest that this family run lodge and hunting destination captured our hearts and our imagination. It is unique, authentic, and presented with every detail thought of.

Congratulations are in order if you are fortunate enough to reserve a hunt and stay with Re a Lora! 

From our reception in front of their exquisite lodge to our tearful farewells at our departure, we were surrounded by true friends and family whose care for others, staff and guests alike, was so very special and unlike anything we’ve experienced before.

At their core, Mynhardt, Rina, and their family and staff believe and deliver on their promise of a hunting safari with a heart for the conservation of these spectacular animals and wildlife. 

We certainly were welcomed to this wonderful family’s dream!

As we bask in our memories and smile as we recount the many special moments of our week, we are peeking at our calendar, hoping and praying the next adventure with Re a Lora comes soon! 


Hunting Review - Dawid, Christiaan & Simon Brand - July 2018

Had an amazing hunt with my two sons. Second year at Re a Lora!

Didn’t think we would be able to top last year’s hunt, but it exceeded all our expectations and dreams!!

If you’re looking for a five star experience- from the hunting to the accommodation and food, Re a Lora is the place!!

Thank you Mynhardt, Rina, Theuns and Rita, Blessing and Slow!

Truely the A-Team!      Can’t wait for next year!     Thank you for everything!


Hunting Review - Kevin and Jacob Brown - July 2018

My son and I hunted South Africa with Re a Lora Safaris in July of 2018. 

The experience was truly amazing! 

Everything was top notch. Everyone was friendly and helpful. 

They go out of their way to ensure you have a wonderful experience. 

The accommodations exceeded my expectations. The food was outstanding,Blessing is an incredible chef. Most importantly, the hunting was fabulous! Lots of game and an incredible diversity of species. My son and I saw countless numbers of animals of a wide variety of species and had shooting opportunities every day! We harvested nine animals and shot seven different species during our week long stay at Re a Lora. 

Mynhardt, the outfitter and PH, was outstanding! Very knowledgeable, friendly and patient. He and his staff, PH TJ, the trackers, skinners and camp staff work extremely hard to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime.


Hunting Review - Dave Desmarais - June 2018

If you are looking for an amazing hunting experience with five star accommodations and a wonderful staff, then Re a Lora Safaris should be your first choice. 

Do not hesitate to bring your nonhunting family and friends because they will have an equally amazing experience.


Hunting Review - Richard Lowe - June 2018

I have been treated very well before in Africa, but the people in this organization stand out. 

This must have been how visiting royalty was treated in days past. 

Certainly one of the best, if not the best, hunting trip in my lifetime and it will be very difficult to top in the future. 

I will actually miss the spoiling that I received.


Hunting Review - Matthew Crawford - April 2018

Absolutely incredible, an experience out of this world.

Amazing people, so professional.

Truly an experience that I will never forget.

Hunting Review - Steve Perry - April 2018

I would be happy to share my experience with Re a Lora Safaris. I have hunted Africa on several occasions over the years and without a doubt my experience with Re a Lora Safaris was a cut above.

I base that comment regarding plains game as they have excellent concessions with trophies that score much higher than other Safaris I’ve hunted.

 Case in point as I took a 44” Sable, 31” Blue Wildebeest, big Nyala, very big Warthog and a beautiful Zebra with excellent hide coloration.

PH’s were excellent as well -Mynhardt is very personable and experienced as well.

Service at the lodge was top notch along with great food and excellent staff. I was met with a drink on a silver platter when I came in from hunting.

My room was over the top in decor and furnishings as you can see from their brochure.

In summary I re-booked another hunt for this year taking my wife as they will take her to different attractions while I’m hunting.

I highly recommend this Safaris lodge, you won’t be disappointed.


Hunting Review - Chuck Rybny & Tom Galvanek - June 2017

I have been hunting with a college friend for nearly fifty years and the enchantment of Africa is overpowering. The variety and abundance of game there is unlike anywhere else in the world and provides an experience which every hunter should plan for at least once in their lifetime. 

 We had the good fortune to stay at the Re a Lora Lodge which is a facility on par with the best up-scale resorts in the United States for personal service, accommodations and exquisite meals. 

I was very impressed with the responsiveness of Rina, a senior staff member of the Lodge who would generally respond to any E-mailed questions regarding our hunt, the lodge, or documents required to transport firearms into Africa within 24 hours. She was also able to immediately implement actions related to any requirement (game related or otherwise) that a guest might have. 

We also had the good fortune of hunting with Mynhardt, a well trained professional hunter. Mynhardt was very familiar with the habits of the game and was able to follow a retreating animal through the bush to achieve the best possible shot for his hunter. Mynhardt also met us at the airport and assisted us with customs clearance prior to transporting us to the lodge.

Each afternoon hunt was followed by our favorite cocktails, than hors d-oeuvres, and finally a fabulous dinner which always included a very good South African wine selection. Evenings were spent around a campfire with the professional hunters and senior staff discussing our day in the field and a wide array of related adventures in South Africa. 

This is an absolutely amazing hunting vacation! Our trip number four is already being discussed.